The System DVD


The System “DVD Content” purchase is where your DVD will be mailed to you within 2 weeks with all the steps and more to remove your rotten egg smell from your well water FOREVER. The instructions on the DVD are the same as the Online Content purchase.  After viewing all of the videos, especially video #4 titled “Parts list for The System”, where you will find the list that you will need to complete your project. If you have trouble finding all the parts and need us to mail you them, there is a link to purchase the parts in video #6 titled “Parts link Video”. The parts listed can be found at Lowe’s and Home Dept. The 6 DIY Videos for online and DVD content are as follows:

1. Installing the System
2. Taking the System Apart
3. Removing the Water Line
4. Parts List for The System
5. Replacing the 90 parts list
6. Parts link video

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